What is Local Business SEO

what is local business seo

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches and these searches take place on the google and other search engines.It helps businesses promote their product and services to local customers at the exact time. RankMe1 is One of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad , We Offer Results Oriented Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Many More…Here are our SEO Plans for Hyderabad .

Web searchers are free to use any of the many available search engines to find what they are seeking ,so the burden is on the search engines to develop a relevant ,fast, and fresh search experiences. Here are Objectives Of Digital Marketing .

For most part, search engines accomplish this by being perceived as having the most relevant results and delivering them the fastest, as users will go to search engine they think will get them the answers they want in the least amount of time.

An SEO Company should assure that  the website is optimized for mobile, as 61% of mobile users  more likely to contact a Local business with a Mobile site.

According to the local search statistics 2018 ,46% of all searches on google are seeking local information and 56% of local stores are yet to claim their listing on google.

UENI – After Putting Thousands of Businesses of Europe Online, it is Now Eyeing India’s Small businesses because
Customers, nowadays, go online to search for answers. Need a beautician, search online. Need a good salon, search online. Need a doctor, search online.
According to the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, there are more than 63 million MSMEs accounting for 45% of industrial production and 30.5% of the services sector. But, more than 68% of businesses are not online today. UENI aims at bringing the local businesses online by providing everything from design, hosting, content, and SEO for free.

After developing more than 10,000 websites for small business owners of countries like the UK, Spain, USA, Germany, and France, India was the next logical step in UENI’s expansion plans.

Talking about why India is a great market for UENI, Christine Telyan, Co-founder of UENI and a Harvard Business School graduate, says, “There are a few elements that make India a great fit for UENI’s expansion. First, the sheer size of the market: there are 60 million microbusinesses in India, roughly twice the number of the United States. The concentration of microbusinesses as a percentage of total SME’s is much higher in India (around 95%) than in other markets like the US and Canada (50%). Second, more than 68% of India’s micro & small businesses are not online. Additionally, the Indian market is a world leader in mobile use: Indians now access the Internet through their mobiles nearly 80% of the time.

Why Search Engine Visibility Is Important

Search engines are the main way internet users discover websites.According to Neilsen//NetRating ,256 million people -81% of the global internet population visited a search engine in December 2006.As of this writing the average searcher viewed 93 search engine results pages (SERPs) per month and spent an average of 27 minutes per month searching for information. In other words , the number of people searching ,and the time people spend searching, continues to increase.

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The commercial Web search engines average over 6.4 billion searches per day.Properly preparing your website for search engine visibility increases the probability that Web searchers will visit your site .

Understanding Search Results

Most SERPs present information from variety of sources ,including but not limited to:

  • Crawler-based or spider based engines
  • Search engine advertisements
  • Human-based search engines ,also known as web directories
  • Specialty or topical search engines ,also known as vertical search engines

Most SERPs present hybrid results. Hybrid search results generally get most listing from one source ;thus ,hybrid search engines are classified according to the main source used.

For eg.

If a hybrid search service gets its primary results from a web directory and its secondary results from a search engine , the search service is generally classified as a directory.

 What Is A ‘local Search’?

Local searches can  be defined as the common searches we do to find the location of some particular places,to find the restaurants with good services on the basis of the ratings given to it,or finding the bus stop near me ,best plumbers near me etc.

When you search for restaurant near me  you will get different opening times, reviews, ratings ,address ,and even photos.Here google works efficiently to pull the specified  information directly from the websites and show the needful results to the user.

What Is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and simplified dashboard that helps business owners manage and update business listings across the google ecosystem. It is program that was developed by google over 10 years ago before its inception in the year 2014.

Four out of five consumers conduct local searches on search engines to try and find the right business to meet their needs.

Google My Business can connect business with customers on the other hand of those searches.With just a small investment of time ,you can create a free way to attract customers.

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking to grow your business online presence , and  having  a Google My Business is vital.Well if you didn’t agree you wouldn’t be here.

Google My Business is a free marketing tool that connects customers with businesses. The launch of Google My Business ,appears as a seamless solution to the chronic problems of managing the google presence across various platforms.

Different Sections Of My Business Dashboard Separately:

  • Business Info – It contains information of 100 % completion of your profile.You can update your business information for search, maps and Google + directly from here.
  • Insights -It gives information on visibility, engagement and audience.You can see the engagement on your posts depending on the content type like text, link, photos, videos.
  • Reviews -It shows you the reviews of your business on google and around the web.
  • YouTube – It showsthe engagement information on your videos in the dashboard.

How Google My Business Works For Small Businesses :

  • Stay updated : Business can update your details like address, contact  numbers, opening hours and choose more searches, maps, and Google + at one place so thet customers can easily connect with them.
  • Tell your customers how your business is unique.
  • Connect with customers.
  • Respond to the reviews

Who Searches And What Do They Search For?

Comscore reported that number of search queries performed worldwide on the web was approximately 197.9 billion across all search engines in April 2014.

comscore had also shown over 1.7 billion people were using search engine per day in that month.

    • All of these research date takes us to a conclusion about web search and marketing through search engines
    • Search is a major source of valuable, targeted traffic
    • Google is the dominant search player in most world market
    • Users tend to use shorter search phrases
  • Search covers all types of markets

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