Why Digital Marketing After Engineering?

Why Digital Marketing After Engineering

Digital Marketing for Engineers, isn’t it sound weird? But not really!!

Engineering as a career option always remained in trend and tempted a larger number of students. Lately in 2019, more than 12 Lac students appeared in JEE Exams. Taking into consideration a serious digital revolution certainly reduced the craze for engineering.

Now a days more and more engineers are establishing their career into digital marketing, as day by day Marketing has started dominating the traditional IT domain. Another obvious reason for this movement toward Digital Marketing is higher financial yields along.

On an average Engineering seat costs approximately 10-12 Lacs, the annual salary packages are extremely low and it starts at around 3 to 4 Lacs Per Annum for an Engineering graduate.

Why Digital Marketing After Engineering…

Engineering no Longer is High in Demand

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Once there was a time when engineering was a popular career option and as a result of this, the supply of graduates exceeds the demand. Stats show that around 60% of engineering graduates are either jobless or working at positions, which is below their education.

Digital marketing for engineers graduates acts as a prospect of change and is more likely to provide profitable career openings. Well, now you must be thinking, how do digital marketing and engineering can be mixed?

Scope in Digital Marketing for Engineers

Digital marketing offers endless jobs opportunities for Engineers. Generally, Digital Marketers requires the capability in three main skills that are:

  • Analytics,
  • Competency with Technology  
  • Strategy.

The accurate coursework of engineering helps engineers to develop and excel all three. Thus, engineers, with strong mathematical skills and technical knowledge complement digital marketing in an excellent way.

Digital Marketing Branches

Before the development of digital marketing, a constant debate was seen in marketing and engineering. Marketers are usually people with an imaginative mindset, who believe in the aesthetics of marketing. The transformation in marketing has started to be more technical and the number is driven. Obviously, it has offered an advantage to engineers over non-engineers.  

Digital Marketing v/s Engineering

Find Job Around The Globe

Once you had completed your Digital Marketing Course and become a professional you will be eligible for the job all around the globe. According to your experience and your professionalism, globally people will accept to hire you a handsome amount of salary.

At the top, Salary for beginners is great and increases beyond lakhs per annum after you gain enough experience and skills.

Digital Marketing opens up many job opportunities for you and we are sure that you will never be unhappy with learning Digital Marketing. As your experience increase, per annum, your CTC will gradually increase and this is the foremost reason, digital marketing is considered as the best career option.

Innovation & Creativity

Digital Marketing is an ideal platform for engineers as they have a logical thinking process. They like to research, create, experiment and invent new things. Digital Marketing is also the same as engineering; here they can extend their radius of creativity and innovation.

Creativity is the very first component of a Digital Marketer. Creativity encourages the person to work with a team, with this it offers a much better workplace where creativity will develop.

 Helps Grow Your Idea

Digital Marketing Illustration Art

New and innovative ideas can act as a solution to an existing problem. The internet is once more an intact market, and still, there are lots of things to discover where we have just initiated it. Marketing is the backbone of the business, if a proper marketing plan is not implemented, there will be no revenue or services.

This is the era of technology, you can’t ignore Digital Marketing. So the engineers who are deciding to start their big business or freelancing, it is very essential to go with a Digital Marketing course and certification.

Digital Marketing Jobs Are Same Like Engineering

If you are kind of person who loves to solve the creative problem and like to play with data, then this job is the right pick for you. Digital Marketer role and responsibility are to build up ground-breaking, strong and unique digital marketing with the help of marketing tools such as-PPC, SEM, SEO and other techniques to temp and retain traffic your company website and show off your company’s products or services online.

All these techniques and tools are very well explained in Digital marketing course if you want you to take help from our unique and affordable Digital Marketing Mastery Pro Bundle course.

Different Sources of Income

Digital Marketing is an online marketing course which helps in you earning more money. With this course, you can show off your skill as well as it opens many doors for your source of earnings. With regular engineering job as a lot, you can connect people online; as it is always an awesome option for working as a freelancer and earns money.

How Digital Marketing Help Engineers To Boost In Career

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  • Engineers will fall in love with digital marketing for its conceptual learning.
  • Engineers favour stable and sound career, and they can fulfill their wish by opting digital marketing completely or partly.
  • Plenty of job opportunities are available for digital marketing profile, and engineers are more preferred over non-engineers for this profile.

The Bottom Line

As there are not any hard and fast rule so, don’t worry you will not face any issue while learning digital marketing course. Whether choosing Digital Marketing as a career after engineering, a sensible decision or not, all it comes to the outcome of ROI. Digital marketing certification and courses are obtainable at very reasonably priced.

To acquire digital marketing skill, one must have basic knowledge of the internet and that the engineering graduates already have.

As an engineering graduate, if you plan out your career in digital marketing; you will get an opportunity to emerge as a most valuable, versatile, and talented employee of your company. You can add up the new and innovative skill of digital marketing and proves to be priceless at your workplace.

If you are looking for a well-brought-up and affordable digital marketing course, then you can go with our Digital Marketing Mastery Pro Bundle, which can help you to achieve advance tools and techniques, which your business wants from you.

Ganesh Bommanaveni
a Digital Marketer, Investor & Trader ::: Captain at RankMe1 International INN & WealthBulls Capital INN