How To Start A freelance Digital Marketing Business In India

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business

Freelance digital marketing is an online strategy adopted by business owners to attain our marketing goals at cheaper price.

Whether it’s receiving new leads, brand engagement, growing the reputation of a brand or improving customer value, the number of large to medium businesses hiring or freelance digital marketing experts is ascending day by day.

Freelance digital marketing experts offer support to the companies with their marketing efforts while working from home. Through this article, I am doing to tell you everything you need to know about how to get started with digital marketing.

Let’s dive in!

Getting Started with Freelance Digital Marketing business

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Getting started with something is always a daunting job. No worries! We are here to help you! The key to a perfect start is to find out the answers to the following questions…

  • What is your marketing potency and what skill can you improve?
  • Which market do you want to target?
  • What services you can offer? It can be book marketing services or blog content.
  • What are your aims?
  • How much you want to earn?

With all these questions in mind, now it’s the right time to make a plan. Count on the following steps to start on the precise foot.

Polish Your Skills

Polishing The Skill

Marketing is a multifarious, fast-paced industry.

One of the most significant things freelance digital marketing expert needs to do is to incessantly enhance their skill set. Here are some steps through which can help you to improve your skills:

  • Attend digital marketing conferences and workshops
  • Checking digital marketing courses, podcasts and tutorials
  • Join appropriate social media groups where professionals share their experiences, both Ups and downs
  • Read and follow professional blogs like Search Engine Journal
  • Find a coach or mentor like Digital Kanakaraju

Remember that not all the sources of information will add value to your skill set. There are plenty of blogs, coaches and courses out there that are a scam…you need to choose a course carefully…your instructor should have proper experience and success.

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Build Credibility

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Trustful and professionalism is plays a very crucial role in finding clients. Endow as much time as you can as it is going to pay in the long run. How to build credibility and when is the right time to start?

Build your online presence

You can increase your inline visibility by:

  • Create a professional website
  • Grow your social media profiles
  • Update your LinkedIn account

Connect to the people who can refer you. Doing volunteering work offers you with some nice referrals

  • Get Domain and Hosting, Create your own Website
  • Create a Business address with significant domain name to add a professional look
  • Write enlightening blog posts to tempt traffic and search new leads
  • Attract leads with free stuff like E-Books
  • Join Unique Programs like Internship by Digital Deepak

Set up Your Rate

If you want to get rid of daunting jobs like running to banks, never underestimate your work value.

That doesn’t mean you should forget that you are learning the ropes. Never be afraid to start from the bottom and think to do volunteering work. You can check out online sites for average rates of freelance digital marketing experts, depending on the niche.

How to charge clients:

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Hourly: Plan out how many hours you can work and how much you get paid

Project/Milestone: Freelance digital marketing experts are used to charge fixed rates because they are getting paid more for complete work rather than for being “around the clock.”

Retainer: Each month the client offers you a set amount, this is same as monthly salary

Commission: Get paid if you meet certain conditions of the contract, such as generating a certain number of leads.

Learn to Pitch

All of us know that competition is fierce within this business, so you must know how to sell your skills and services.

Always talk about what you can do, not who you are, as the client always wants to know the results you can deliver.  Have a legal section while signing the contracts to ensure that you get paid on time (plus, it looks more professional).

Explain the cost of your work. Always have a section where you negotiate the price so that your clients get to know where their money is going. Showcase all the additional costs that could appear on the way such as hiring more freelancers to work, etc.

Clients love to work with freelancers who offer in-depth information upfront rather than those who are not fully transparent.

A Last Piece of Advice

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The thing with new work is no one wants to feel like that they have been thrown in the deep end.

And to be honest, digital marketing is not meant for the soft-hearten. It is Not easy like you might think. There is a lot of work to do.

For freelancers, things are even more challenging. One of the prime problems freelance digital marketing experts face is burnout. That is the reason for managing your time and healthy work-life balance is vital.

Here are a few tips to prevent burnout:

  • Never work around the clock. Freshers are tempted to work frenziedly to create up client list and reputation.
  • Manage your time for work. Clients’ keeps on reaching you all times, so you should inform them specific hours when you can answer emails/take calls.
  • Hire an assistant to help you out. Whenever you feel beset, you ask help from other freelancers to reduce the workload.
  • Learn to deny. It’s hard to say no to project, but once you recognize your credibility you will be able to refuse the work you don’t want to do.

Over to You

Breaking into the freelance digital marketing world is quite an experience, but the rewards are never-ending.

We never want to sugarcoat things — there are plenty of freelance marketers and it’s not an easy task to stand out in this challenging sector. That said, if you bring something to the table, and you’re willing to learn, then no one can stop you from doubling your income, just by taking on freelance digital marketing projects.

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Ganesh Bommanaveni
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