Scope of Stationery Business In India

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The stationery business is a blended collection of classes taking into account schools, universities, workplaces and what not. Small or Big, Each and every company still need a stationary.

Stationery business in India has Huge Scope in India which incorporates Both paper (note pads, long books, winding books) just as non-paper stationery (pencils, pens, publication hues, and so on). It has a Profit margin of 30 to 40 % .

The general business is developing at the pace of 8 percent a year, with new items and organizations being included once in a while. Increment in education, mushrooming of tuition-based schools and different organizations, prospering corporate workplaces, elevated mindfulness among people, the presentation of premium stationery contributions and different factors all add to this development story.

Evolution of Stationary

Stationery Books

Academic Paper class is around 5000 Cr while the non-paper classification additionally sums to generally a similar number of this, 2500 Cr is simply penning. Diverse item classifications take into account distinctive life stages, for instance โ€“ shading ranges take into account essential and center school students, senior school and undergrads devour long books, pens and scientific instruments while corporates for the most part use journals, scratch pads, staplers, and so on.

The stationery utilization additionally contrasts enormously from market to advertise, since it is represented, as it were, by school and institutional necessities which are indigenous to the district’s instructive legacy.

The paper portion is exceptionally divided and the proportion between nearby players and marked items is about 70:30, though, in the non-paper class, a similar proportion is flipped for set up national brands.

Stationery Items

The classification has its end clients, influences and buyers frequently extremely unmistakable. Prior, guardians were both influences and buyers with kids having little state in which brand and what plan of books or sort of pencils that he/she would take to class. Nonetheless, presently, with annoy control from kids, they are regularly both the influences and end clients.

Youth has started to mix their very own individual style into the stationery they buy scratch pad are not as exhausting as they used to be โ€“ with extravagant spreads, selfie transfer alternatives and diverse spread surfaces accessible to the individuals who need to get took note. Teachers and craftsmanship educators are likewise developing as key influences.

The ascent in advanced substance encompassing stationery items and its utilization has likewise presented an altogether new type of influences and commentators who frequently influence buy choices.

Customer Needs & Business Improvements

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Progressively, as purchasers advance and premium items are created to suit the customer’s needs, properties, for example, better quality paper, moderate structures, a more extravagant and more extensive scope of colors in paints and pastels, ecologically amicable material, and so forth are picking up notoriety.

Looking for an incentive for cash and not happy with modest neighborhood marks, the Indian client is bit by bit moving from economical to quality items which he/she can interface with. Consciousness of good brands in this low-association classification was an obstacle in the past as the client and retailer were both ignorant. however the business is advancing quickly using showcasing instruments โ€“ a large number of them computerized. Today, the industry looks all around set and is scripting a splendid future.

Drivers of growth in Stationary market:

  • Economic Growth
  • Higher literacy rate
  • More government spending on education
  • Population growth
  • Changing demographics
  1. Urbanization
  2. Higher proportion of young adults
  • Better living standards
  • Government regulations and taxes
  • Shift in focus from inexpensive to quality products

Facts about Indian stationary market:

  • Indian stationary market size: Rs 9000 crore
  • Notebook (paper) market size: Rs 3000 crore
  • Pencil Market size in India: Rs 400 crore

Marketing Strategy of Stationary Business

  • Paper advertisements
  • Books exhibitions
  • Public relations with educational institutions
  • Direct marketing
  • Multi-specialty retail chains (Big Bazaar)

How to start stationery business in India & How to grow?

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There are few steps to follow before starting a stationary business in India. They are:

  • Position Yourself in the Market

Decide which type of stationery business you would like to run. There are basically two options: Merchandise Reseller and Custom Designer.

  • A Quiet Place

Select a place where can you grow your business and the place near Schools, Colleges, Centers or sometimes a colony with no competitors also works.

  • Create Vendor Relationships
  • Registration for licenses
  • Marketing

Profit margin for stationery Business

The stationery business offers moderate overall revenues; however, the popularity adjusts it. Brands give out an edge of roughly 30 percent to 40 percent to Distributor . It would have the option to give items presumably with an edge of 25 Percent to 35 Percent to the end retailers. Your edge would essentially be a normal of 5 Percent. Finally, a stationary Business gives 30% to 40% margin of profit in a year or it depends upon a month also.

Successful Stationery Business

  • Notebooks Production
  • Exercise book Production
  • Note pad/ stick Pad/ Folders Production
  • Lead pencil Production
  • Business paper/ Xerox sheet Production
  • Engineering Equipment Production like Drafter, T-scale, Angles, Base Sheets

Current Scenario in Indian stationary industry:

Indian Paper Stationery Industry, which is a part of the huge and scattered Indian stationery Industry, has been going through tremendous alteration in recent years. Despite growing competition from neighboring markets, Indian stationary industry has able to firm its feet into the market with constant innovation and making it more and more customer centric. Indian companies have learnt that innovation, performance and versatility are the key area to be focused upon. Taking the points under consideration, the businessmen are now researching and developing new products, as the market is now more of consumer oriented which is always looking for cost effective prices.

Stationery wholesale Business

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The stationery wholesale market is often considered the dark-horse of the business world. It is among the fastest-growing businesses and recession-proof. This is because stationery is something which is always needed in schools, colleges and offices and cannot be replaced easily, no matter how digital we go.

SWOT Analysis for Stationary Business


  1. Huge market size
  2. Technical expertise of group
  3. Untouched stationary market
  4. Single large firm which is fulfilling all the need of stationary market
  5. Established name in the field of education


  1. It will take some time to position the product
  2. Establishment of distribution channel


  1. Venture into Office stationery, office furniture
  2. Diversify into Pen business both catering to luxury segment and mass market


  1. Competition from low priced Chinese products
  2. Infrastructure related problem like Poor power supply


With above ideas it is very clear that there is much scope of development in the field of stationary in India. With the increasing level of education and growing of service sector like education and hospitality sector in the India there is every chance that in near future also there will be continuous growth of stationary sector in India.

Stationary sector is still untouched by the corporate as there is not much player in market. Most of the demand is being served by the local player who doesnโ€™t have much technical expertise in the production of stationary. There cost of production is very high because of usage of obsolete technology and thus profit margin is very low.

So, it is very profitable to venture into this business as there is huge demand supply gap till now, market is fragmented and huge growth potential above.


What is the profit margin in stationery business?

The profit margin in stationery business is 30% to 40%

How do I start a stationery business?

With prior research about certain techniques like licenses, correct place selection and marketing strategies one can easily start a stationary business

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