HelpWise Review, Can This Replace Help Scout ?

Helpwise Review

HelpWise is a Cloud based SAAS Platform which helps you to provide the best customer support for your clients.

The Company was Founded by Gaurav Sharma, a techie guy who loves working on disruptive ideas related to B2B & Big Data space. He Runs US-based SAAS startup called SaaS Labs, Inc with 130 Thousand businesses as users and team of Twenty.

In 2020, your customer’s feedback is very cricual. It can make or break your business. With HelpWise you’ll be able to provide superior experience for your customers. How ?

Shared Inbox,  collaboration & Ticketing

Helpwise Website

It is an easy and simple shareable Inbox. You can share the Inbox with your Team members, so that your team members can respond to a customer request as soon as possible.

The Message can be Assigned to a specific member based on the keywords. Thanks to the Automation Rules, Hence this can also work as a helpdesk. Yes Yes, a Ticket Id will be Auto Generated.

Impressive, Right? It doesn’t stop here, There are a Ton of Features, Keep Reading !

 WhatsApp Inbox

Whatsapp Business Inbox Feature Of Helpwise

Yes, you read it right ! You can send or receive your WhatsApp Business messages directly in HelpWise’s WhatsApp Inbox. Please Note that you’ll have to Integrate HelpWise with Twilio & Twilio’s WhatsApp API comes with a Price Tag.

The WhatsApp API is Extremely affordable. Check Here to Calculate the Estimated Cost for Twilio’s WhatsApp API. You are just one step away from seamless WhatsApp conversation.

Assigning Emails

Assigning Emails To Team Members In Helpwise

We are humans and one cannot do everything. Assign emails to the right team member or an employee, Thanks to Shared Inbox Feature. Yes, the assigned person will be notified via email.

This reduces the average response time and your customers can get a quick response. when your customer is happy, he will keep buying from you, eventually he / she can become a promoter of your brand. They’ll happy to give you a Testimonial at this point of time, and…

…Word of Mouth is Just amazing, Trust me, It is the Key. Every client eagerly waits to see a fast response for their message.

Saved Reply’s

Saved Email Reply Templates In Helpwise

Re-writing common email replies again and again is just not worth anymore. Every minute counts, there are a ton of competitors in almost every business. If you can’t provide a better Customer Experience, they’ll just choose someone, you don’t want that.

You cannot waste time copy pasting same reply’s. Send faster Replys. This can surely make your both, client and employee happy.

Yes, You Got it Right, All out going emails can be send directly from your SMTP or SendGrid, Gmail & More…(Coming Soon)

I would like to see a Native SendinBlue Integration here..Anyway we can Integrate manually with SMTP details too…Not an Issue…

Help Center

Help Center Of Helpwise

Yes, you Guessed it Right,…It is a dedicated help center for your customers. collaborate with your team members, create and share helpful articles. Help center is like a knowledge base.

A Knowledge base can drastically reduce the support tickets and Improve customer experience. Yes It’s white labelled.

Need Traffic from Google ? They got you covered, Submit auto generated help center Sitemap and get better Traffic from search engines & Increase the Visibility on the Internet.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics And Reports Feature In Helpwise

Track the Key performing metrics and Term performance. Continue to improve the user experience. We cannot improve if we cannot measure. Project the growth and take better business decisions.

Facebook Page & Messenger Inbox

Yes, Its coming soon (as if writing this review…) you’ll be able to respond to the messages on your social media profiles from helpwise software. This is the future. Big brands like Paytm, Banks have dedicated social media accounts, just to provide quick customer support.

With the help of Facebook Page & Messenger Inbox, you’ll be able to share the Social Inbox with your Team members. Remember, Healthy conversations and communication is the Key to Success online.


Helpwise Website

Yes, web hooks Integration is Available. Besides this, they also have Integrations with Zoho, HubSpot, Shopify, Slack, Zapier, Freshsales, pipedrive, stripe, salesflare, keap & counting…

They are actively working on many more Integrations. You can Check their Product Roadmap Here. You can Integrate with Third-Party apps provide ultimate user experience.

Android,  IOS App & Ratings

They do have an Android App and IOS App. As of writing this Review. They’ve got 5 Star Rating, out of 48 Reviews on Google PlayStore & No Ratings Found on App Store.

The Response time matters, Reply to your customer on the go, thanks to their Android and IOS Apps. Join team and customer discussions anytime. 

According to Alternativeto, Freshdesk, Front, Zendesk, help scout, were some of the Helpwise alternatives.

Handling Duplicate Replys In Helpwise

Okay, Can this Replace Help Scout ? Yes, for most of the Businesses, Pricing is the main concern, Let’s Talk About it. HelpWise offers a Free Plan which has most of the main features, Including Integration and Automation Rules.

While Help Scout has only Paid Plans which Starts at $20 / Month, This may be still high for most small businesses and Freelancers.


The Bottom Line

Now, Do I Recommend HelpWise? Yes, I definitely Recommend this. I am Impressed with the Customer support & Recent product developments. I am expecting more styling options in Help center. This is a Simple Platform, but very essential, If you really care customer satisfaction.

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My Rating: 4/5


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