Socialbee review

SocialBee Review

SocialBee, A Social Media Management Tool That Gets You More Leads, Saves your Time & Money. i am ganesh, The founder of rankMe1, a digital marketing agency. here is my personal Experience With This Social Media Management Tool & I've Been Using SocialBee For Almost 7 Months Now.

I've Scheduled almost 100 EverGreen blog posts & have been watching socialBee Since then...keep reading... I have much more to share.

Socialbee Team
SocialBee Team

posting your blog posts on your social media accounts is a hassle. it is both time-consuming & costly. especially if you are running a news agency or a media company.

you can connect your social media accounts like Linkedin, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups & Google my business. create a list and socialBee will keep posting your content regularly, thanks to the evergreen feature. recycle your content and get more web traffic.

socialbee will post it regularly on all your social media accounts as per the schedule, Just Set & forget...

SocialBee Pricing

No Credit Card Required, Instant Account Activation

are you a fan of zapier ? now you can automate everything, connect socialbee with zapier & set everything on autopolit.

yes, you can connect url shortners like bitty, pixelme & many more...all the links can be automatically shorted and posted on your social media profiles. so your users can easily copy and paste i, just in case ๐Ÿ™‚

SocialBee Really saved a lot of my time. i will have to set up recycle content once, it takes care of posting the content on all my social media platforms. The team is actively working on bringing in new social media integrations.

When ever something is not posted as per the schedule, socialbee will send you an email notification. But why this ? social media platforms like facebook, linkedIn want's you to re-Authorize apps due to customer's safely.

You Just Need To Login To Socialbee And Click Re-Authorize,It Just Takes 10 Seconds ! That's All, SocialBee Will Be Back To Work !

The Bottom Line: Do i recommend socialBee ? Yes, SocialBee is one of the best social media management tools available. the recycle content feature is a game changer. this tool saves alot of time. say good bye to employee costs & human errors. start your 14 day free trial today.

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