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Social animal is platform which finds & analyszes top perforing content on various social media networks like facebook, twitter & also find influencers...Keep Reading..This Software does much more...

Content and Email Marketing is an efficient way of generating a reliable flow of free traffic to your online business. However, it is a very daunting task to come up with innovative ideas related to the specific niche so that audience finds it interesting and engaging.

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social animal is a must...If you want a more in-depth analysis of the content that is doing well in your niche & want to find out why they are doing well, which can be viewed in your dashboard. this tool is particularly designed to fulfill these purposes.

Social Animal is featured with Content analytics designed to serve Startups and Enterprises. Social Animal offers end-to-end solutions & they offer...

I am Ganesh Bommanaveni, an SEO & a Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience & founder of a digital marketing agency. This review is based on my personal experience with social animal...

Social Animal Features

  • Content Research

Nothing can beat Social Animal Deep Insights as for any keyword you can see the complete analysis that how content performs once it’s published. In content Research we offer the following features enlisted below…

  • Rich and Detailed Results

When it comes to content research, Social Animal dig deep into the article and provides you with the main keywords, the number of words and other important details.

  • Deep, Useful Insights

Featured with sophisticated data analysis techniques, Social Animal offers you deep approach that how a given keyword has performed historically.

Social Animal tracks millions of keywords so that you can get practically useful information like

  • When might be a good time to publish?
  • Which title and article lengths have maximum impact?


  • Content Curation

We manually search and find content for keyword sorted and send you top-notch content within the last 24-hours to your inbox. In content Curation we offer the client with the following benefit:

  • Powerful Search

With Social Animal you can easily find the same content which is in your mind. You can list down the search by author, domain, keywords, shared date and published date. Through combine multiple search criteria you can track down the kind of content you want.

  • Keyword-centric Design

Headlines are very significant, but you cannot deny the fact that content is king, so the information matters a lot. In Social Animal, the whole system affixes a lot of importance to keywords from articles is made up of.  Just a click on a keyword starts a search for articles that attribute it.

  • Influencer Search

With Influencer Search algorithm, you can find real and appropriate influencers for keywords for which you care. Best authors are integrated, too. You can also view the articles they authored.

  • Promote your content to those who are likely to share

We offer an instant preview of profiles who share the same content as you.

Social Animal saves the user time by avoiding irrelevant or unknown visitors. With View Sharers feature you can unlock your list of favourable leads.

  • Get to the best in the business

Social Animal is featured with a refined algorithm that helps you in finding the most relevant and real influencers. We ensure that the efforts you made offer you with the best possible outcome.

We offer you with both article authors and Twitter influencers for thousands of exclusive keywords.

  • Create a Marketing Strategy for Facebook

Through this, you can search millions of pages and posts on the widely used social media platform. Additionally, it allows you to track your performance and get to know more about your target audience with graphs.

  • Analyze and Discover

With Social Animal, you can learn about the target audience by finding highly useful approaches like which kind of sentiment works best, audience engagement for Facebook posts and much more.

  • Competitor Monitoring

Keep a sharp key on pesky competitors. If they get a valuable cite anywhere, you will get a notification in your inbox.

  • Get Mail Alerts

Once the client tells us the keywords, we take care about and the competitors and send Social Animal’s Daily Digest email, which is a managerial summary of happenings and it is right-away sent to your inbox automatically every day. The mails also include the list of competitor and articles.

  • Identify what makes your competitors stand out

Social Animal helps you in identifying your competitor’s best authors and favoured social networks. Also, help you to understand how they manage and distribute content.

The Pricing Of Social Animal

Blogger ($41/month)

  • Email and live chat support
  • Content & Domain Insights
  • Article Search
  • Daily Email Digest
  • 2,000 URLs

Agency ($166/month)

  • Article Search
  • Facebook Page Analysis
  • Daily Email Digest
  • Content & Domain Insights
  • Email and live chat support
  • 10,000 URLs

Enterprise ($416/month)

  • Article Search
  • Daily Email Digest
  • 2,000 URLs
  • Content & Domain Insights
  • Free concierge on-boarding
  • Facebook Page Analysis
  • Email and live chat support
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Pros and Cons Of Social Animal


  • The Social Animal team offers great customer service.
  • Social Animal is an advanced tool for content marketing and competitive research.
  • Extremely relevant and useful for a niche market, as offer detailed keywords for high performing content.


  • You cannot contact the influencers directly through an outreach campaign via This App
  • The app is quite pricey!


Social Animal is advanced Analytics research To Find Trending &  top-performing content for any Topic. It’s ‘InspireMe’ feature is very unique, which applies a “human cultural map” to keyword and lets you see astonishing connections and associations.

Social Animal Gives You A Detailed Research About High Performing Content For Keywords. With Its Great Influencer Research Tool, You Get Solid Idea About Topics To Publish Content. Click The Button Below, Start Your 14-Day Free Trial & Try The Tool. It Is A Perfect Alternate To BuzzSumo…


My Rating: 4.5 / 5