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Rethink Files Review

Rethink Files (Formely Publist) is a cloud storage service which helps you to save and search files across apps like Google Drive, DropBox, Box, MediaFire, pCloud, ZOHO and many more…

Rethink files is one of the best file managers for all your apps. It allows you to access all your files on apps like Google Drive, Box etc… Rethink files is also a great cloud storage service provider which offers good upload and download speeds.

Technically all your files will be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), encrypted using AES 256-bit. As per their website, they only store the basic metadata like file name etc,. The Private Keys are Stored by AWS, So your files never touch the ReThink (Publist) servers, which means your data is only yours and private.

Some well-known companies like lift, Mozilla, oracle make use of ReThink Software, to Organize their Files. The beauty of this tool is that you can search files from ReThink across the connected apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox.

They offer a Free plan which gives you 10 GB of free storage space. Need more info. on Pricing? Here it is.

Basic Starter Personal Professional
$0 / M $3.99 / M $7.99 / M $12.99 / M
10 GB Storage 50 GB Storage 500 GB Storage 1 TB Storage
Unlimited Drives Unlimited Drives Unlimited Drives Unlimited Drives
  2 Accounts Per App 2 Accounts Per App 6 Accounts Per App
  Connect S3 Buckets Connect S3 Buckets Connect S3 Buckets

Rating: 4.5

The Bottom Line

I’ve personally used the Software and happy with it, I am impressed with the upload and download speeds. Remember that they do offer a Free plan with the same security and Features. Sign Up for a Free Plan Now & Get 10 GB Free Storage.

Ganesh Bommanaveni
Ganesh Bommanaveni
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