Leadformly Review

Leadformly Review

What is This? Leadformly is an advanced Lead Generation tool with high conversion rates. thanks to the well optimized customizable 50+ templates .

With Leadformly you can build up most powerful and high-converting lead forms quickly, which in result increases inbound leads to your website by double OR triple.

looking for better & fresh Leads ? Leadformly is one of the softwares helps you do exactly that. with leadformly You can boost your conversion rates by using optimized forms that aren’t part of your marketing strategy yet!

With Leadformly, you can increase the quality of your inbound leads. Thus, you can improve performance of your marketing channel by attracting visitors to your website. The forms of Leadformly are well designed to ask questions that divide your leads into distinct buckets.

forms are quite boring and daunting. At the best, sometimes they comprise of just a few questions and a submit button only but at worst, most of the forms consist of apparently endless and long questions combined with 1 – 10 rating scales.

I am Ganesh Bommanaveni, an SEO with 5+ years of experience in digital space & Founder of RankMe1, A digital Marketing agency. this review is based on my experience with lead gen. tools...

Most Of The People Find Boring And Time Wastage To Fill forms. Leadformly Is Very Handy As It Makes It Easy For Associations To Inquire The Right Set Of Questions To Qualify All Your Leads Early.

Leadformly offers the marketers with the capability of segmenting their leads into ‘buckets’. It has multiple characteristics that can help the user in...

Leadformly Benefits

  • User geniality

Leadformly is one of the most advanced Lead Generation Page Builders. You will fall in love with its user-friendly interface coupled with its timely support.

  • Cost-effective

Leadformly is very cost-effective. It is boon to the sales and marketing teams, as it offers the power to design and go-ahead to drive new forms at a fraction of the cost that would have been gain if an external development team was employed.

  • Flexibility

Leadformly is known as a flexible form builder, which you can use to create a standard contact form, survey or a data gathering form with ease.

Leadformly Pricing

Now you get to know what to look ahead to from Leadformly and how it could augment your digital marketing strategy, let’s have look at the cost of software per month…

If you are still hesitant whether Leadformly is the right fit for your business, try taking benefit of their 14 day free trails pack.

However, you need to enter your credit card details for this service. 

But in the end, if you don’t like the software, you have to cancel it before your free trial ends!, Cool, Right ?

There is also an offer of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, if you are first and foremost interested in the look of the templates, these can be displayed online. So there is no need to sign up for anything!

The enlisted below are the available plans, with the cost of the software when you choose for upfront annual billing…

They offer pay as you go plans...

  • The Essential Plan ($37 a Month)

This basic plan in which gain up to 250 leads per month with a limitless number of forms. The package comprises of other functions such as…

For a startup or small businesses, this plan covers all the prerequisites.

This plan is for two users and provides you with email notifications. All Zapier integrations are included-web hooks and analytics. Leadformly with this plan is also SSL encrypted and GDPR obedient.

  • The Growth Plan ($74 a Month)

This plan is projected for growing businesses, which are seeing an increase in their visitors. With this plan you will get up to 1000 leads per month, you access every featured offered by the Essential program. But through this, you can unlock A/B testing and right to use for up to five users.

  • The Team Plan ($149 a Month)

This plan offers the user with 25,000 leads per month and provides the right to use for up to ten users. On top of email support, you’ll get 1-on-1 quick start calls and a devoted customer success manager.

Pros & Cons of leadformly

Let’s have a quick look at some of the overall pros and cons of Leadformly.

The Pros

  • It’s easy to boost and use an instinctive drag-and-drop editor. This makes Leadformly web forms smoothly customizable, so toning your website’s branding is a breeze!
  • There are more than 1000 integrations
  • With Leadformly’s conversion-optimized form templates, you can boost conversion rates by two to three times.
  • Leadformly is very cost-Effective. Their results pay for the software in loads. Plus, growing your digital marketing strategy with a massive amount of forms is cheap and doesn’t require any developer support.
  • A perfect pick for B2B organizations or companies with high-value leads

The Cons

  • It’s not suited for startup or beginners with low or barely any conversions
  • You need to involve your own domain

the bottom line

In nutshell, Leadformly is the perfect pick for boosting your mailing list and creating more targeted campaigns for better engagement with your viewers. Also, already shared above that if you are still little confused, give a try to our 14 days for free. After all, you have zero to lose!

With so many advance features, Leadformly flawlessly connects with near-on any workflow and is well-matched with every marketing tool in your kit.

Cutting The Long Story To The Short, Leadformly is An Efficient lead generation Tool To Add To Your Existing Digital Marketing Plan...

According to leadformly team, this Converts up to 300% more leads using conversion-optimized lead capture forms. Save time and money with pre-tested templates! Give it a try & see yourself. start your 14 day free trial Today.

My Rating: 4.5/5