Hunter io Review Review is a cloud software which helps you in finding the email addresses of people you want to contact one by one or in bulk. It has about 100+ million emails indexed. This software can do much more, keep reading...

Hunting for new leads is quite daunting and time-consuming. Email marketing is an effective way of introducing yourself and your brand name to potential customers but, the very first step for introduction is you must know how to reach them.

Hunter.Io Was Launched By Francoise Grante In 2015. it is a tool for finding emails & verifying them. You can even Send Cold Email Campaigns with

it is a free forever plan, no monthly subscriprion fees

In the past, most of the sales managers and business owners have to found email addresses for particular contacts by trawling the internet themselves. This process can be endless and frustrating as you discover yourself striking one brick wall after another.

Thankfully, now you can get rid of this trawling as technology offered us some great tools like to take the tension out of finding email contacts or leads. One of my favorites tools is let's discuss about it & how it works:

I am Ganesh Bommanaveni, a Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience & founder of a digital marketing agency. This review is based on my personal experience with Email Finding tools like, findThatLead, Etc,.

what is & who uses it ?

Hunter is suitable for every individual who is looking to build a database of email contacts to email outReach. Sales and marketing teams can get a huge benefit from this tool, as this speed up the process of hunting down emails.

how does it work ?

The tool works by searching the internet for the email results, which you are looking for. Use of Hunter is completely legal but, you have to abide by data rules while using the results in your marketing.

Use the search bar, enter enter the website address which you want to search & then click on ‘Find email addresses’. Then the list of available email addresses will be displayed on the screen.

The good news is you can export these addresses to your database. Also, you to verify the email addresses, which mean that you can dismiss the emails which aren’t valid.

How to get started with Hunter?

  • click the below button to create a free account on
  • Enter an email address and Tap ‘Continue’
  • Enter your name and select the password, click on ‘Create Account’
  • Click on the ‘Access My Account’ button
  • Now hunter will redirect your email address and invite you to start with your first search
  • After entering all your details then add your telephone number
  • After entering number click on ‘Send Verification Code’
  • Enter the unique code for the verification, which has been sent on your mobile.
  • Get Free Plan & Enjoy Free 50 searches Every Month

How much does cost?

What are Hunter’s features?

domain search

Hunter domain search allows the user to search for the domain of business and then you can export it as a spreadsheet. Also, you can upload it into your software or CRM.

email finder

Undoubtedly, Email Funder is the foremost feature of the hunter, which allows the user to find email addresses of businesses and individuals.

email verifier

Once your email search is conducted, this handy feature allows you to check and make sure that it’s a real email address. This is a very useful feature, as it cuts down the bounced emails automatically, which will prevent the trouble that you face while sending an email. You can simply check any email address by entering the email address to the system.

Bulk tasks

This powerful feature allows you to search and authenticate whole lists of addresses and domains swiftly and easily. This is outstandingly handy for businesses which are dealing with large amounts of data.


The lead management allows you to import leads or add them manually. You can also export them by connecting with other applications. The tool makes the search handy as with this you can filter your leads by position, company, website and industry for each firm.

There are many more benefits offered by this hunting tool, let discuss!

  • Generous 50 free searches, which is beneficial for those who just want to try it out before committing to a package. 
  • All the features are sensibly arranged so the navigation becomes easy.
  • On the whole, the search results are extremely reliable. Through this, the users can use the verification function and search function in tandem to weed out irrelevant results. 
  • You can connect Hunter with Google Sheets, which offer a streamlined email marketing system. 
  • Hunter works on more integration system so watch this space for more updates.  

the bottom line

You can find out a good number of email finders on the internet, to be honest, they all perform more or less the same thing. But, Hunter comes out ahead in a couple of ways. Firstly, it provides the 50 free searches and acts as an attention grabber and this is something which isn’t offered by any of the email finders.

Secondly, the ease of use is a champ in our book as it makes email searches quick and simple. The Hunter is an all-rounder in every field and never lets itself down.

Above all, a hunter is a beneficial tool, which offers a pay if you with the option, this would make it more reasonably priced. In nutshell, Hunter is really good, reliable, finder and verifier! get your free account now. click the below button to get your free forever account.

it is a free forever plan, no monthly subscriprion fees

My Rating: 4.6 / 5