First promoter Review

FirstPromoter Review

FirstPromoter is an Affiliate & referral tracking Software for sAAS companies. with the help of this software you can launch your affiliate and refferal campaigns & boost your business growth. it may be in terms of number of leads or customers..Keep Reading, There is Much More...

What is FirstPromoter?

FirstPromoter allows you to launch your referral, affiliate and influential program. It is an advance platform that allows SaaS organizations to manage, track and optimize any marketing or referral-based program

FirstPromoter is a San Antonio-based Referral, Affiliate, customer insights & analytics software, which serves as a SaaS platform for medium-sized businesses & was developed in September 2019 by Medallia.

I am Ganesh Bommanaveni, an SEO & a Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience & foudner of a digital marketing agency. This review is based on my personal experience with referral Programs like FirstPromoter...


FirstPromoter comes with win-win rewards, which means that your advertisers and their friends will be rewarded with credits, cash or discounts. You can also accept the payments from multiple platforms such as PayPal, Stripe Recurly, Braintree & Chargebee.

It is very easy to set up the subscription rates for your services and FirstPromoter Automatically adjusts the commissions for each billing cycle. You can unlock the PayPal mass payments too, which you can send off the payment in bulk in just minutes.

Features offered by FirstPromoter


An API key is used to authorize the API requests in FirstPromoter. You can find API key on your Settings page – log in to FirstPromoter and then click on “Settings” button from the top bar.

Tracking API

With tracking API, you can track any type of sales, signups, cancellations and refunds for any billing provider. To send the tracking ID you have to pass the custom tracking integration ID as a constraint with every call for security service.

Tracking sales and commissions

This feature is used to track sales and generate commissions. We use the email parameter to identify the lead that generated the sale, which helps in determining the promoter who owns the reward. The lead is added inside our system by calling the signup API endpoint.

Built for subscriptions

Dealing with upgrades, recurring and one-time charges, cancellations, expired CCs and refunds? FirstPromoter very well knows how to adjust commissions automatically for any billing event.

List Of All Advanced Features Of Firstpromoter

One-click automated Paypal payouts

With FirstPromoter, you can make hundreds of affiliates in one go with 0% commission.

Unlike PayPal, you need not log in to PayPal, just upload your CSV files and manually mark payouts as done.

Automatically activate and engage your promoters

Trigger and on-board your new affiliates with customizable and pre-made drip emails. FirstPromoter also keeps your users engaged by notifying them when:

  • they win reward or commission
  • they achieve the campaign target of referred clientele
  • they pass on a new lead or test sign up
  • the payout is done

Customizable affiliate dashboard

Your promoters are featured with beautiful “portal”, through which you check their view, stats, share referral links and their rewards and. You can modify:

  • Logo, border, background, buttons and text colours
  • Favicon, page meta-content and affiliate terms
  • Sharing message on social channels
  • Visibility for distinct sectors like leads, payouts and assets
  • Pending approval page
  • Campaign signup fields

Some other benefits

  • Set your domain with SSL encryption support
  • Performance bonuses and personalize the rewards or commissions scheme for every affiliate individually.
  • You can allot a unique landing page or URL to an affiliate and
  • With FirstPromoter, you can track referrals without a referral link.
  • Affiliates are eligible for a commission when the purchase is complete by your billing provider. Special algorithms are used to identify suspicious leads.
  • We support 190 currencies and make conversions in 170.
  • Avail unlimited suppleness on affiliate’s dashboard. From facilitating services like live-chat, analytics or survey to alter the design completely.
Logos Of Popualr Payment Processors Available On Firstpromoter

Pricing of FirstPromoter

They offer both yearly and surveys bill plans with 2 months free subscription. You can upgrade, lower-down or cancel your account at any time. Try it today and start with our lowest and starter pack, we assure you will fall in love with the performance. the enlisted below are price plan and services offered by the plan.

Starter ($ 49 per month)

  • Unlimited visitors
  • Maximum 2 campaigns
  • Maximum 1000 affiliates/promoters
  • Product SKU or plan level rewards
  • Personalized referral links
  • Link and coupon tracking
  • Multi-links with sub-id tracking
  • Email marketing automation
  • Quick mass PayPal payouts
  • Brand-able promoter dashboard
  • Unlimited team members

Business ($ 99 per month)

  • Everything in the Starter pack
  • One-click automatic PayPal payouts new
  • Control multiple websites(+1 free)
  • Convention Email server and sending domain
  • Multi-tiered commissions(MLM)
  • limitless campaigns
  • Use your domain
  • Use your email templates
  • W-9/W-8BEN tax form collection new
  • Bank payouts
  • Unrestricted affiliate or promoters
  • Migration support

Enterprise ($ 149 per month)

Everything in Business +

  • Custom CSS and javascript
  • Custom integrations and support
  • No “Powered by” link

the bottom line

If you need to run your referral, affiliate, and influencer program, then the FirstPromoter is an advanced platform that allows SaaS businesses to manage, track, and optimize any type of marketing or referral-based programs.

You can start your affiliate and referral program in minutes as it offers the quick integration with Recurly, Stripe, Braintree and Chargebee or with API. Sign up with our starter pack and enjoy the advance feature which allows you to manage and track the marketing-related programs.

List Of Companies Using Firstpromoter

My Rating: 4.8 / 5