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Ganesh Bommanaveni

I'm Ganesh Bommanaveni, an SEO with an experience of 5+ years in digital space & the founder of

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Course 1: SEO Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • How to master Google search console to improve your SEO game
  • How to do on-page optimization and off-page optimization
  • How to build high-quality backlinks with guest posting
  • How to use Moz tools and SEMRush for SEO analysis
  • How to use Ahrefs to get new content ideas
  • How branding helps in SEO
  • How to perform Local SEO and use Google My Business
  • How to scale search traffic with long tail keywords [This is the future]
  • How to conduct an SEO audit
  • How to build backlinks
  • How to find blogs for building backlinks
  • Content writing for SEO
  • & Much More…
Seo Mastery Course
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Course 2: Google Ads Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • How to set up your first Google Ads campaign
  • How to use landing pages and conversion tracking
  • How to do keyword research
  • The different Google Ads keyword types and how to use them
  • How to use location targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting
  • The various ad extensions – their advantages and uses
  • How to use the search term report and negative keywords
  • & Much More…

We’ve also added two new case studies that show you how we set up search ads for a real estate promotion and a campaign review for a real estate client.

Google Ads Mastery Course

Course 3: Facebook Ads Mastery [ Worth ₹2999 ]

  • The different types of Facebook audiences
  • How to set up Facebook pixel
  • How to set up custom conversions on Facebook
  • A complete tour of Ads manager and power editor
  • How to use Facebook lead ads
  • How to run events and event response ads
  • & Much More…
Facebook Ads Mastery Course

Course 4: Email Marketing Mastery [ Worth ₹3999 ]

  • How to build your email list
  • How to collect leads via landing pages
  • How to integrate leads to any email tool
  • How to track subscriber activity in your CRM
  • How to integrate payment gateway with an email tool
  • How to create Facebook Ads for lead generation
  • How to create email workflows with decision trees
  • How to send emails using Amazon SES
  • & Much More…
Email Marketing Mastery Course

Course 5: Social Media Mastery [ Worth ₹2999 ]

  • How to provide customer service on social media
  • Facebook marketing best practices – do’s and don’ts
  • How to choose the right social media platform for your business
  • How to perform social media competitor analysis
  • How to grow and maintain a Facebook group
  • Ten social media metrics you must measure
  • Nine must-have social media tools
  • & Much More…
Social Media Mastery

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Q1 ) Can I Get Access On Digital Deepak’s Official LMS – ?

A ) Yes, With Lifetime Access & Updates Too…

Q2 ) Will I Get Access To Lead Generation Mastery (Latest Upcoming Course) of Digital Deepak ?

A ) Yes, Deepak Kanakaraju Has Confirmed That Lead Gen. Mastery Will Be Included In The Pro Bundle Package…

Course 6: Analytics Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • How to track and measure all your paid and organic channels effectively.
  • How to create custom dashboards and reports
  • How to create and leverage different types of reports such as Lifetime Value Reports
  • CoHort Reports, and Frequency, Recency & Engagement reports
  • & Much More…
Analytics Mastery Course

Course 7: Affiliate Marketing Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • How to set your first niche website – walkthroughs, checklists, and tutorials
  • How to get approved by any affiliate network
  • How to find profitable affiliate products – digital and physical
  • The rapid-fire content creation strategies
  • Affiliate marketing tools to become super-affiliates
  • How to build high converting squeeze pages and capture email ids
  • Powerful email marketing strategies to double your commissions
  • How to promote affiliate products using Adwords
  • & Much More…
Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Course 8: Content Marketing Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties
  • & Much More…
Content Marketing Mastery

Course 9: Zapier Mastery [ Worth ₹1999 ]

  • How to Send Lead Information from Website to your Email Marketing Platform via Zapier
  • Zapier Pricing Explained in detail
  • Who Should use Zapier & Who Should Not use Zapier
  • How Zapier Helps  your Business & your client business
  • & Much More…
Zapier Mastery

Course 10: 100 Day Blogging Course [ Worth ₹4999]

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties
  • & Much More…
100 Day Blogging Course

Course 11: Product Launch Mastery [ Worth ₹4999 ]

  • Information Products – Key Benefits & Key Components
  • Types of Information Products & The Marketing Funnel
  • Creating the Concept and the Outline
  • Content Production & Finishing the Product
  • Integrations with Payment Gateways
  • Pricing a Product & Providing coupon codes
  • Collecting Feedback with Automation
  • & Much More…
Product Launch Mastery Course

Lead Generation Mastery [ Worth ₹14,000]

  • What Is a Lead
  • When we need lead generation?
  • Ethics of lead generation
  • Probability Theory in Lead Generation
  • Introduction to B2B Lead Generation
  • – B2B Email Finder Tool
  • & Many More…
Lead Generation Mastery
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Will i get access on digital deepak’s LMS [ ] ?

Yes, You can get access on . Buying here is Equal To buying from So you can get access on Digital Deepak’s Official LMS also.

What is the Relation between RankMe1 and Digital Deepak?

RankMe1 is An Authorized Reseller of Digital Deepak Courses… Which means that we have Full Rights & Permission of Deepak Kanakaraju to Sell these Courses to you. In fact, We’ll Provide you Access Directly on Deepak’s  LMS…Okay But why you should Buy from RankMe1? Please Continue Reading the Next Question…

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Here are a Few Reasons…

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How is the courses will be delivered?

All the courses will be delivered online in video format directly on that can be consumed from anywhere in the world.

What is the validity of the courses ?

It is LifeTime. Yes, you will get Lifetime Access with Updates.

I Have More Questions, How to Contact?

No Problem, Just Email at: [email protected] , [email protected] or WhatsApp / Call on +91 7674 86 9696

Deepak Kanakaraju

What Students Say About Digital Deepak

These Are Public Reviews on Google

Kartik Salunke
Kartik Salunke
Read More
I took the Digital Marketing Mastery bundle course, and I went through all the lesson, and this is probably the best investment I ever made. The teaching method is so simple and effective. Anyone can understand Deepak Sir's teaching even if you are new to digital marketing field. I rate this course highly and recommend to enroll in it you will learn things which are not taught in any other institute or online courses. I'm also an intern of his internship program and I'm glad I invested in this one and now I'm confident to work in a company, as well do the freelancing stuff on my own. Thank you for sharing the valuable knowledge with all your student's sir. 🙂
Mayank Mehani
Mayank Mehani
Read More
I am his student of Digital Marketing Mastery bundle Course which includes various courses in which he has tried to contribute his best in his student's success.I am also a student/intern of his Internship Program in which I found Exposing myself and learning about the different key areas of Digital Marketing Practically.Overall I highly Recommend You All to Take his Course and Internship Program Specially as it gives exposure to know Yourself.Thank's Deepak Sir for your contribution in our life.
Chandra Sekhar Dabbiru
Chandra Sekhar Dabbiru
Read More
If you want to learn Digital Marketing, then you have come to the right place. Look no further.Digital Deepak is the best mentor to learn Digital Marketing from. When I got started with Digital Marketing, I was on the lookout for a comprehensive course to learn Digital Marketing. I evaluated several programs and chose the Deepak's course. I am glad I did so. Deepak makes sure he incorporates his own experiences in his courses, thereby providing a practical insight into the topics. The courses are affordable, simple and practical.The highlights of his courses are that they are easy to understand, practical and highly effective.
Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju, A Person With 10+ Years of Experience In Digital Marketing


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deepak Kanakaraju
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