Accuranker Review

AccuRanker Review

AccuRanker is a keyword rank tracking tool which serves more than 20,000 companies globally to track their organic search keywords across platforms like google, YouTube, Baidu, Yandex & Bing. The software Tracks and monitors your Keyword ranking positions. there is a clear graph showing the past & present rankings. you can even download the detailed Daily ranking positions report in excel Format .

I am Ganesh Bommanaveni, an SEO and Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience & foudner of a digital marketing agency. AccuRanker's main Feature is Tracking the keyword ranking positions accurately on daily basis. It does this job very well. i am using accuRanker Since an Year. Here are a few the Plus Points of AccuRanker...

  • Advanced keyword tracking solution at a very striking price
  • Ability to import Search Console data and Google Analytics to automatically calculate valuable metrics
  • Straight, Clean & very simple interface

AccuRanker was founded by Henrik Jørgensen and Christian Pedersen in 2013. The company is based in Aarhus, Denmark. The tool is currently used globally by more than 20,000 customers worldwide including Salesforce, Hubspot & Toyota. AccuRanker has an inspiring customer churn rate under 3 Percent.


AccuRanker is very different SEO tool, due to its laser focus on keyword rank tracking. SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, SE Ranking have diversified their progress efforts across a wide set of SEO features (For Exmaple: keyword tracking, backlink Analysis, keyword research and website Audits). As the result, AccuRanker allows the customer to track keywords for a lower cost, But Super Accurately.

AccuRanker provides all the tools required to measure and analyze keywords ranking on Baidu, Google, Bing, YouTube & Yandex. Thanks to the Laser focus on keyword tracking Functionality. The team managed to offer a super clean interface which is easy to navigate & Use.

features & Why accuranker ?

Before using the AccuRanker and track keywords, have a look to the homepage. This contains all the essential things you need to know about the software, along with advance features, including...

Google analytics

You can link your Google Analytics account to AccuRanker account & get more useful insights ! the import process is very simple.

automatic keyword tracking

AccuRanker tracks your keyword positons daily & continuously updates the current & historical positions in your accuRanker Account.

Accuranker Historical Keyword Rankings
Historical Rankings of a Keyword

Detailed Reports

AccuRanker allows you to send a detailed progress report instantly along with charts and graphics. you can impress your client with these professionally crafted reports.

export data in excel

you can export the daily keyword ranking positons in an excel sheet. you can analyse the data and take better decisions.

Competitor Monitoring

Want to know how your keywords stack up against your competitor websites ? AccuRanker allows you to compare your keywords against your competitor. awesome, right ?

share of voice

With this feature, you can view the top 20 keywords, which allow you to observe your keywords, also your competitor’s keywords as well.

After logging in, you will see how keywords are performing in an instant. It might sound simple, but you will receive valuable data that helps you to evaluate your SEO campaigns.

What accuranker do & what you have ?

  • Cloud-Based tracking of Search keywords
  • Customizable & Scheduled White-Label reporting
  • Real-time SERP Tracking along with daily updates & hostorical reports
  • Differentiate between the local pack, organic rankings, image, rich snippet, video, related questions etc.
  • Set preferred URLs, so that the user can analyze the keyword cannibalization issues.
  • Ability to track competitors & your site’s performance
  • Integration with multiple softwares such as Google Analytics & Search Console for better insights
  • API access

Because of all mentioned abilities and features, it makes it a fine high-quality keyword tracking software, having all the advance features which are need to attract more traffic to the website. AccuRanker is an amazing software that provides all of these features & much more!

accuranker pricing & cost

AccuRanker costs $99 per month on annual billing & $109 per month on monthly billing . Price of the plan is completely based upon the number of keywords, which you want to track.

  • $109 per month- 1,000 keywords
  • $209 per month- 2,000 keywords
  • $649 per month-10,000 keywords
  • & More…

The costs of annual plans are cut-rate by 10%, and all plans can be upgraded or downgraded or cancelled at any time with no extra charges. If you're interested, you can start with the 14-day free trial today.

Is AccuRanker right pick for you?

AccuRanker offers you all the tools you need to track your Site's SEO performance. Remember, you can only improve when you can measure. AccuRanker is here to measure it everyday.

The reports are satisfactorily balanced – some reports swiftly display the important information, as well as very detailed that allows you to sort results by 20 dimensions to drill down. Overall, AccuRanker is highly recommended for keyword tracking, Accurately.

In a Nut Shell, AccuRanker is highly recommended to the organizations that require specialized keyword tracking tool. Additionally, marketing agencies and large enterprises can also be benefited from AccuRanker's substantial functionality & API.

Final thoughts & the bottom line

AccuRanker is advanced feature software without a heavy price tag. Both, SEO freelancer and large SEO enterprise can be benefited from their affordable flexible plans.

The software works quickly so that you can use this approach to efficiently track keywords for your sites or your client websites. Additionally, competitor tracking is a great bonus.

It is A Very Powerful keyword tracking Tool. The Team Is Proactive, Adding Constantly New Features. So Whether You Just Want To Analyze Your Results Or Reporting For Various Companies, AccuRanker Is Value A Shot. accuRanker team is available 24x7 on live chat. start your 14 day free trial today & give it a try.

My Rating: 4.8 / 5